A look back at the Senior Eco-Nect Summit: Shaping Europe Silver Future

On June 4th, the partners of the Senior Eco-Nect project presented the results of 2 years of work at the Senior Eco-Nect Summit.

Many inspiring discussions and speeches took place that day. First, we had the chance to start the day with a keynote speech from Julia Wadoux, policy manager at AGE Platform Europe. Then, Caroline Weste (Eurasanté), coordinator of the Senior Eco-Nect project, presented our final deliverable: our Joint Action Plan. 4 good practices from Europe were also presented. Finally, the managing director of EPSI, Alberto Bichi led a wonderful panel discussion on the topic “Synergies in Silver: Sectorial Perspectives on Advancing the Senior Eco-Nect Agenda”.

Thanks again to our partners from EPSI for organising this event in Brussels!All the information and photos from the event are available on the Senior Eco-Nect website.
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Panel Discussion – Synergies in Silver: Sectorial Perspectives on Advancing the Senior Eco-Nect Agenda (Moderated by Alberto Bichi – Executive Director at EPSI)


All our researches and learnings condensed into a twenty-page report: Our Joint Action Plan!

As Europe faces an unprecedented demographic shift, with senior citizens now outnumbering young children, the Senior Eco-Nect project steps forward with a visionary Joint Action Plan. This five-year strategic plan, born from extensive project learnings, is dedicated to fostering innovative ecosystems in the silver economy. By committing to this long-term vision, Senior Eco-Nect partners aim to address the challenges and seize the opportunities within the ageing population sector, ensuring growth, efficiency, inclusivity and interconnectivity.

The Senior Eco-Nect action plan is organized around 2 axes: Developping Silver Economy Ecosystems and Support Projects and Collaborations.

Our action plan is devised over 5 years as detailed below :



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