New technologies have accelerated development, raised user expectations and exponentially shortened the time to introduce new products to the market. This is bad news and a good opportunity for Slovenia. Why?

Europe is lagging behind global competitors. Non-technological innovation is still rare in Europe and very common in the US.

There is not enough venture capital in Europe, entrepreneurial dynamics are not adequate and all this contributes to a 15% gap in productivity that is not declining.

In Slovenia, we are used to working gradually, researching mainly for public money, developing products step by step and carefully introducing them to the market.

All analyses and comparisons with Slovenia show that we have made some progress in recent years, but we remain among the innovation followers.

Although we have a relatively strong scientific base, penetrating companies and a tradition of innovation, our potentials are fragmented, efforts unconnected and access to funding sources limited. We have virtually no venture capital. We do not have a real innovation support environment.


Web cloud

Artificial intelligence

3D printing

New technologies like Cloud, Big data, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, nanotechnology, digital biology and biotechnology are on the march. They allow lightning progress for all who control and use them, and for those who do not recognize it, the loss of markets. Organizations without a true vision do not have a promising future!

If we notice these innovations too slowly, we will lag far behind. However, if we adopt them quickly, we can become leading innovators and enjoy the results of business success.

Connecting Slovenia around breakthrough technologies and achieving a critical mass of the economy, academic excellence and creative forces is a priority of the Slovenian Innovation Hub.