Benefits of membership

Connecting and networking has never been easier or cheaper.

Most networking can be done online or by hiring someone to attend events, get information from ministries and look for ways to get some European development money. However, in doing so, we will often come across others who are also looking for ways to gain something from someone, often right from us.


Strategic integration


  • integration into national networks and strategic development partnerships
  • entry into networks within the SPS priority areas
  • connecting with innovation hubs abroad

Innovation activities


  • validation of development projects in terms of innovative potential and use of breakthrough technologies

  • adding “out of the box” approaches to regular development activity

  • “matchmaking” of the best carriers and users of knowledge for product development

Smart specialization strategy


  • monitoring the SPS focus areas and identifying project and development opportunities for members
  • preparation of tenders with high involvement of exponential technologies
  • formation of “lean” project consortia for quick inclusion of SPS projects

Counseling, representation, lobbying


  • developing proactive attitudes towards emerging development policies
  • influencing the creation of boundary conditions for innovation and development
  • individualni coaching programs and mentoring for staff members

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Together, we will achieve the critical masses of knowledge and networking needed to succeed in the domestic and international environment.